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Welcome to CJI Tile and Stone Ltd’s Frequently Asked Tile Questions page!

We have been operating as a tile contractor in Calgary since 2006 and through working with hundreds of customers we have come up with tile questions that seem to be asked over and over.  We have put together this short list to help everyone with their tile questions about ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles, as well as Schluter Systems, Wedi Systems, Nu Heat, other floor heat systems and basically anything tile related.


How long will my project take?

Some tile projects can be completed in a couple hours, however most tile projects take at least 2 days to complete.  Here is a quick overview of potential minimum time frames:

  • Backsplash                                    2 days +
  • Bathroom (tiling only)               3 days +
  • Kitchen Floor                               2 days +
  • Tile Repair                                    2 Hours +


How much will this cost?

To price out a project we do 2 things:

  • When we first contact you by email or phone, we will get a rough idea of items such as sq footage, type of tile, current condition of the area, and further information relative to the area to be completed.  This process will take 10 minutes or so.  We will then provide you with a rough quote over the phone or by email.  From there if that sounds like it is inline with what you were thinking we will set up an in-home estimate.
  • We will come to your home for around 30-60 minutes and take detailed notes and measurements, look at your home or business and come up with an idea of what you want done and how we are going to complete it.  From there we will take that information and produce a written estimate.
When can you start?

Typically we can start larger projects within a 2-3 weeks, and can usually fit smaller projects such as repairs or back splashes in a little quicker.  If time is of the essence, please give us a call and we can see if we can fit your project in.

Do I have to pay a upfront deposit?

At CJI Tile and Stone we do not ask for deposits on most projects.  On rare occurrences we require customers to pay a small deposit for special order product and the balance is payed off once product is delivered to site.

How long do you warranty your work?

We back all of our work with a 2 year warranty against construction defects.  In addition, each manufacturer offers guarantees of variable lengths for each product with guarantees lasting up to a lifetime. For more information regarding the lifetime warranty follow the link here: Custom Building Products Lifetime Warranty

What methods of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept Cheque, Credit Card or Interac E transfers.

How long until I can walk on floor tiles after they have been installed?

Typically you can walk on the floor 24 hours after the tiles have been installed. However in some situations this time period can be shortened by using speed set mortars or lengthened by various other reasons such as the tile needing to be sealed.

Porcelain or Ceramic?

Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are both great depending on the intended end use.

Porcelain tiles are denser then ceramic and because of this can hold up to more abuse. As well some Porcelain tiles have a body that is the same color as the surface, so if a tile is chipped the body of the tile is not as obvious. With Ceramic tiles they are not as durable as porcelain tile over all, however the trade off is most of the time they are less expensive then porcelain, so for a residential application they work just fine. Ultimately the choice comes down to budget and intended use.

Can Tile be used outdoors in Calgary?
Technically tile can be used outside in Calgary, as long as it is a porcelain or natural stone tile rated to be frost proof. However in Calgary because of our climate (freeze/thaw cycles, freezing temperatures etc.), there is usually extensive thought and preparation that needs to be done to have a successful long lasting installation.
What is floor heat?
Floor heating is typically a electrical wire ran under the tiles that warms the tiles for comfort and for general room heating. For more information check out our blog post on the subject here. For larger areas, we can work together with our plumbing team to install a hydronic heating system that will suit your needs.
What does Rectified mean?

Rectified means that the tiles have been cut after being baked so that every tile is the same size. This enables us to use much smaller grout joints. This is typically done on large format porcelain tiles.

What size grout joints should I use?
Grout joints are usually dictated by the type and quality of tile used. If a tile is rectified, smaller grout joints (Down to 1/16″) can be used.
Should I seal my grout Joints?

With grout options today we feel that sealing grout joints is not necessary.  If you select a grout color that matches the tile and hides discoloration this is usually the best long term solution.


Sometimes, however sealer is a useful tool.  If you are wanting to use a very light coloured grout in an entryway that is going to see heavy use for instance.  Other times with products such as Mapei’s Grout Refresh or Customs Grout Renew  we can bring old grout back to life with a sealer/colourant in one application.

What is the difference between natural stone and cultured stone veneer?

Cultured or Manufactured stone is a product that has come into play over the last 50 years or so. It is typically a thin product made of a composite materials that provides a look very close to replicating real stone pieces or blocks. Natural Stone veneer is a real stone that is sliced typically in half, this lightens the product as well as simplifying the installation. The advantages of both of these products is weight as they are thinner then a solid stone piece and labour, as the installation of the veneer is simpler and requires less prep then a typical full stone installation.

Now that we’ve answered your questions, are you ready to work with CJI Tile and Stone?

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