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We often get asked does CJI Tile and Stone have a showroom?

The answer is no, however at the same time the answer is yes.

For some businesses, having a showroom is the right answer and makes perfect sense.  Our decision to not have a showroom has a reasoning with multiple layers, stretching from customer satisfaction to simple dollars and cents.

We thought we’d  lay out the reasons why CJI Tile is a showroom-free service provider.

1. Price

Having a Showroom costs a lot of money, it requires a lot of overhead to build a show room and staff it.  Costs that are ultimately passed onto the consumer.  While we would love to have a flashy showroom to show off what we can do and the products we can provide to our customers we find that we can offer customers more value by not having a showroom.

2. Focus

We want to focus on what we do best, which is designing and building your home or business.  We are in a better position to utilize our network of suppliers who already have beautiful showrooms that showcase their amazing products.  As well these suppliers (that can be seen on our suppliers page here) are staffed by knowledgeable, dedicated staff that are specialized in their field whether it is tile, plumbing fixtures or counter tops.

3. Trends

The job of keeping up with trends does not end with one quick fix.   As trends evolve, businesses must evolve also to keep up with a specific style or design that is now “in”.  This means complete renovations of these showrooms happens quite often to include these new or updated items.  Once again, this requires resources that we feel are better utilized in customers homes or businesses.

4. Mobile

These days, a lot of what we do is mobile and on the go. We approach our business with precision and efficiency, putting quality work and customer satisfaction at the forefront.

Much of the work during design selection is done before you ever go to a showroom and start looking at actual samples.  If you go into showrooms with a basic outline of what you are looking for, this enables you to become more efficient in the selection process and not become over whelmed with the options available.

5. Efficiency

With all of that being said, not having a showroom allows our company to be efficient, nimble and able to adapt to unforeseen challenges or economic climates that are happening now and in the future.  Being free of the overhead and challenges that are associated with running a showroom allow us to focus on customer service and providing high quality work to our customers for many years to come.


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