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CJI Tile and Stone takes pride in specializing in walk-in and barrier free showers.
Helping many Calgarians enjoy a struggle free entrance into the shower,
CJI has been able to customize these showers to the specific needs of the user and the user’s bathroom.


In most cases, a totally curb less or barrier free shower is almost impossible to create. Why?

  • Other important bathroom fixtures (i.e. toilet, vanity, doorway, etc.)
  • Difficult to provide a ramp or “speed bump” into the shower that allows proper slope for the shower to properly drain
  • A tiny curb must be created to compensate
  • A 4 inch barrier from the bathroom floor to curb top, will replace the usual 7 – 8 inch curb

However, if the bathroom layout allows, the curb can be eliminated entirely and CJI will build a “roll-in” shower.

  • An easily negotiated hump which creates a transition from bathroom to shower
  • A waterproofing membrane such as Schluter Kerdi helps waterproof the entire assembly

As you can see, function and beauty do go hand in hand:


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